Last week, Columbia Sportswear launched their newest and largest in company history, campaign, “Tested Tough.” Featuring real Columbia Sportswear employees in lieu of trained actors and Chairman of the Board Gert Boyle, their inspiration rose from its Pacific Northwest roots and the brand’s original Tough Mother campaign.

“Tested Tough isn’t just an ad campaign or tagline, it’s the promise of our seventy-seven year-old brand. It’s what motivates each and every employee to build and deliver great products,” said Stuart Redsun, Columbia Sportswear Company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Tested Tough brand platform kicks off this fall, with the largest global campaign in our history. We are excited to showcase the rigor and fun that goes into Columbia product testing from our own backyard; Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.”

The launch took place in a New York warehouse, where models showed off the upcoming collections fit for the most extreme weather conditions, two brand ambassadors demonstrated the technology of the product by standing under contained torrential downpour, all while attendees enjoyed specialty drinks (both hot and cold) and captured the evening through a snow themed photo booth.

For many years, Gert Boyle ensured product quality was up to her standards by “testing it in the harshest and most surprising of conditions on her son”. Her son, now CEO Tim Boyle, isn’t the only Columbia Sportswear employee who tests out the product – it’s a collective process that is endured by the company. “We’ve always known that if our product passed my tests in the Pacific Northwest, then it would pass people’s tests as well,” said Gert Boyle.

Global campaigns will rollout in 63 markets across Europe, Asia, South America and North America through broadcast, print, out of home, digital, retail and social elements.