il_570xN.410463003_mjnySix weeks traveling throughout 10 countries can take a major toll on your skin. Some places can be moist and humid, while others can be arid, dry heat. And if your in London, it’s rain all day, everyday. Now, some people can live with variable temperatures grazing their epidermal layer, but not me. That’s why when I chose to take only Thistle Street Soap Co. as my moisturizing agent and leave my go to products behind, I knew it was a serious sink or swim moment. And Thistle Street Soap Co. definitely swam.

Thistle street is not like many over the counter products as it 1. isn’t over the counter, but 2. it’s homemade. Homemade with ingredients like honey, Shea butter and water, whipped to creamy Pillsbury frosting perfection. Speaking of, this stuff smells like your favorite jar of frosting and the only thing keeping me from devouring spoonfuls of this stuff was God himself. It spreads on like butter, moisturizes every crevice, leaves skin soft to the touch but finishes with that sheen only seen on the women of Real Housewives of Atlanta reunionepisodes. Plus my 4oz jar lasted not only my entire trip. I still have enough left for a little over a week.

Though I loved it oh, so much, my only gripe is this. My palms felt sticky every time I used it, but was easily remedied by rinsing them off or wiping with a damp towel.

Currently available on Etsy, Thistle Street Soap Co. ranges from whipped body frosting to whipped cream soap to bath bars to soy wax candles starting at $2.50. Each item is handmade, in Chicago, and filled with ingredients you can pronounce but that you’re aware of. So you never have to question or fear what you’re putting on.

For more information on Thistle Street Soap Co. or to see the entire collection, visit themonline.