Nothing turns class to trash as fast poorly bedazzled iPhone cases, but adorn it in the right way, and it can turn a plain black phone into a fashion piece.

Cellairis, a company that started as a kiosk 10 years ago, has taken the easily destroyed art of cell phone casings, to create pieces that are not only smart and chic, unique. Currently, Cellairis has expanded their vast collection of cases by designing DeBari and Mashup. Unique in their own right, both collections tell a very different personality story.

Filled with light catching rhinestones, DeBari’s pieces range from “simple” color gradation to brooch-like protrusions adding a 3-Dimesional effect. While Mashup are just color contrasting takes on everyday patterns.


Ranging from $39.99 and upwards, Cellairis make great stocking stuffers, gifts for all occasions, or personal gifts when you just need a little something to thank you for being you.

Now it’s your turn to spice up that phone of yours. Simply retweet this post, or like the post on Instagram or Facebook , and you’ll be entered to win this oh-so cool DeBari Lizard case. I currently have it on my phone and though it makes it a bit heavier, I’m head over heels for it. You have until Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 9AM EST to enter. Winner will be announced same day at 12PM EST.