Happy 10th day of Advent everyone! Today, we’re giving away £50 worth of Niki’s Organic Balms. An all-natural collection of balms created to soothe, relax and moisturize. Featuring five homemade emulsions handmade in the UK, each balm not only smells delicious but multitasks. So you can carry a lip balm that doubles as a face moisturizer. Plus, as there’s no use of unknown chemicals, rosacea, eczema and insect bites can benefit from Niki’s Organic Balms natural properties.

The current collection consists of 5 balms including Niki’s Organic – Original Balm, Rose Balm,Organic Lavender & Chamomile Balm, Warming Balm, and Baby Bottom Balm. All formulated to aid in issues ranging from cracked skin, minimizing scars, psoriasis, sore muscles, baby rashes and so much more. Seriously, the list goes on, and on, and on.Day-10

“After years making complimentary balms to use in my therapy sessions my clients began asking me to make balms for them. It was at this point I decided to start the business and have worked hard to create all natural products that I feel comfortable using both personally and professionally,” said Niki McGlynn, Managing Director at Niki’s Organic Balms.

Let Niki’s change you on the outside, but tell us what you are doing to change up your life this coming 2014! Enter via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by December 13, 9AM EST. A winner will be chosen by December 13, 12PM EST.

For more information about Niki’s Organic Balms, visit them online.