1. DAGNE DOVER The Tiny Tote – $175: So I adore Dagne Dover (we’ll go into further detail about that in their designer feature.) This is the mini version of their larger creation that I refer to as “Marry Poppins Bag”. This tiny tote is great for weekend outings where a your weekday musts aren’t required. It houses a detachable key and crossbody strap, individual inner pockets, lipstick (gloss)/pen holders. It even fits an iPhone 6+…. so, in your face tiny totes that can’t even hold a Nokia 6100. (Google the model. We ALL had this phone!)

2. TUTILO Veritas Trap Dome Tote – $128: Size is everything here. The Dome tote is one of those handbags that is meant to hold everything for your daily commute. A few mags to flip through, note books, water bottle, pens, midday snacks, the works! It has definite shape when empty but the less structured silhouette allows you to stuff a few extra things accumulated throughout the day. This would make an even stylish baby bag, for those prams that deserve more than a nylon coated fashion faux-pas that looks like it would melt if on the playground for too long.


3. FOSSIL Sydney Shopper – $128: This bag reminds me of the LV Neverfull except it zips at the top and has slightly wider bands, which makes it more practical. Not like granny panties practical, but more my-wallet-won’t-get-snatched-without-my-knowledge practical. The other upside is it can fit a 14″ laptop, comes in a variety of prints and colors, and has a very sturdy bottom base.


4. MOLESKINE myCloud Briefcase Curve – $210: There’s a compartment for everything here – cable pockets, pen and business card holders, notebooks, laptop, everything. This bag is ideal for the obsessively organized individuals, or professionals that must have all their ducks in a row ie. architects, artists, designers. Besides being a great carry-all myCloud Briefcase Curve offers functionalities like straps specific to be attached to a trolley handle or removable pockets for umbrella or water bottles, that just make life much easier.Moleskine


5. OLIVIA + JOY Rory Perf Tote – $98: This bag is definitely not an everyday work bag, but a great I-look-Champagne Papi-Fancy-and-want-the-world-to-agree. It’s cool and understated, but the white gives it bit of an edge. Seriously, who doesn’t give props to those who rock white effortlessly? I don’t know if it comes in other colors, but wouldn’t choose any other either. Front zipper pockets store items that should be easily accessible while the insides safely store whatever else you lug around.