Summer Soirées are the reason we live for half day Fridays in the summer. For some reason work just seems so much harder when you’re stuck inside and the sun teases you every hour until it’s time to leave. That’s why when we attend parties or throw our own, we want to make it as memorable as possible. Here are our 5 Tips on Throwing THE Summer Soirée of the Season.

  1. Create a backyard oasis. Everyone loves to be taken to a sunny beach like setting even when the closest beach is hours away. Recreate your favorite warm destination with the right décor – gazebo pods, lounge chairs, tiki torches, sea blue throw pillows, you name it. If you have the budget and want to make it extra special, hire a cabana boy for the day. Your guests will love how dedicated you are to your theme.
  2. Set a dress code. I don’t know how many parties I’ve attended that called for cocktail dresses and closed-toed shoes, but more than half the guests showed up in boat shoes and shorts. Inappropriate and disrespectful to the umpteenth degree. By clearly expressing beachwear or summer vacation attire, attendees will know that yoga pants and sneakers isn’t the look your party is going for. Also, do you really want that one person to ruin your group photo looking as though they’re prepping for the NYC Marathon? I know I’d be livid.
  3. Keep the juice cups pouring. We all know the one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on is food and booze, as a party that runs out of either one is the worst party foul of them all. Make sure you’re stocked for days and go the extra mile and concoct thematic drinks and drink names for the occasion. If you plan on having a bartender, brief with them beforehand on their specialties. Many times they will help create the cocktails of the night.
  4. DJ play my song. If you’re a pro at mixing a party list, go for it. We, and many others, are not. Hire a DJ to keep the party hopping until it’s time for everyone to go home. As much as we love that one-on-one conversation, we don’t want it when we’re trying to let loose goosey on the dance floor. Not sure if your DJ is that great? Shop around for a few and have them create a mock set list of 10 to 15 sounds that are a must for summer party. If there is no variety, or looks too much like the most recent Top 40, keep searching.
  5. HAVE. FUN! Don’t be that boring hostess that throws the best events, but is so erratic and tense everyone else is uncomfortable. You’re in your maxi dress barefoot. You have a coconut prawn in one hand and a mango concoction in the other watching everyone get their groove on the dance floor. You have nothing to worry about. Moments like these make themselves, so be sure to be a part of it.

Photo courtesy of Rudy de Monteiro