This post should actually be entitled Top Celeb Looks of the Last 2 Weeks, as I missed last Monday. I’d like to say that it was due to some uncontrollable situation but it wasn’t. Since the beginning of the World Cup, I’ve been so engrossed and madly tweeting that it’s taken over my world. Many people don’t know that I love many things in life, but am passionate about very few – soccer and fashion happen to be a passion (not so ashamedly, I’ve watched almost every match except 3, thus far.) And though I’d love to choose which celeb looks magnificent in their atelier piece, something that comes around once every 4 years sort of takes center stage.

So to make slight amends, we’ve added a few extra looks we loved. Like Lively in a green and brown leather GUCCI ensemble or Lady Gaga giving us 70s fever in Alon Livné traipsing around New York. Hahaha… I don’t actually know what she was doing, but traipsing felt befitting. Tell us what you think about our choices @StyleCartel or @TillieEze.

P.S. For those secret soccer watchers out there, Chiellini should have been awarded a PK for that Suarez chomp.