OK… we’ve never done a Beauty Hotspot on an individual before, but sometimes there’s an exception to the rule. Kazumi Morton, Master Colorist has brought her signature coloring style to the East Coast.

Known for the highlights that allow extra re-touching time between each visit, Kazumi has a following of clientele that don’t have the time to come in every two to three weeks. They are the execs, the moms, the entrepreneurs, the everything that if it weren’t for the importance of beauty behind business, they’d log a few more hours in a meeting than in a salon chair.

“I have a number of New York-based clients who come see me when they are in L.A., or who fly out just so I can do their color,” explains Kazumi.  “They’ve had a difficult time finding someone who can give them a natural look, so I have decided to come to them.”

And who wouldn’t want an excuse to fly out to L.A. every once in a while? But it gets to a point when practicality takes center stage, and those last minute trips for touch-ups are no longer feasible.


Photo Credit – KazumiMorton.com

I recently went in for highlights, just to get a feel for what the hoopla was about. Kazumi is a Master Colorist, she’s not a stylist. Which basically means she won’t be blowing you out after your process, but she’ll be checking in to see the outcome. My highlights were subtle, but there. Especially in the sun where it added dimension and versatility, and looks natural rather than a bad dye job. Plus for those clients with a little grayage, Morton created a temporary root concealer called Root Vanish that launched August 2013 for at home root coverage. Manufactured in Japan, Root Vanish is an all-natural product that’s so natural, it’s edible. How many “natural” products on the shelf can say that? I don’t know, I was hoping you knew.

Now, we know you want to get in with Kazumi as soon as possible. The best way to get on her books is via her website or schedule an appointment with her New York locale, John Frieda Salon – 212-879-1000  to schedule an appointment. For others living the West Coast dream, you can schedule time with her at Jonathan and George in Beverly Hills.