Winning Kick

The world cup has been over for some time now. Player trades have happened, and are continuing to happen. Seasons have already started and industry dramas have already hit the roof, but all that aside you can’t discredit these players for always giving back both publicly and privately. From my understanding, soccer is one of the most profitable sports around the world, and continues to break records with each game. That’s why are our Thankful Thursday is about Winning Kick. (Yes, it’s soccer related. Get over it.)

Winning Kick is a game released by Global Gaming Initiative that donates 50% of proceeds to its non-profit partner Charity Ball aiding impoverished children of developing nations. The game itself is free to download, monetary funds are garnered through in-app purchases. Think about all those applications that do nothing but stuff unnecessary pockets. You can sort of do the same and still help others. And I know how much we love to give back in this day and age.

Just to let you know, the platform is available on both iOS and Android (so no one feels left out), as well as in five languages. It’s simple to play, and is highly addictive. Players have 30 seconds to score as many goals as possible before the timer runs out. I temporarily deleted mine from my phone, because there was a correlation between not making goals in time to beat my high score, that put me into an uncontrollable rage. Which is ok when you’re on the pitch, but inexcusable when your huffing and puffing, over a game, on the subway.