IMGP1745 Cherry NYC

The 411 –
I don’t like to put out too many restaurant hotspots at a time, but with summer coming to a quick close, I had to let you all know about Cherry in Meatpacking. Cherry is a hidden gem next to the Dream hotel that can be easily missed if you’re scouring for a large board screaming its name. It’s like finding that underground club where the door passwords change every night siphoning out the posers. Which isn’t to say those are the sort of people that frequent Cherryby any means. Their guest list reads like any true New York hotspot – bankers, businessmen, club kids who are just starting their night out, 20 and 30 something’s with the disposable income discovering the finer things in life.

IMGP1750Cuisine and Drinks –
Chef Jeahn creates modern Japanese cuisine with a French flare prevalent in key dish components or styles like the confit, fois gras or brulee dishes. Unlike many places, Cherry keeps a very familiar menu for clientele to enjoy a favorite during each visit, and rotates only a few dishes out for a seasonal surprise.

IMGP1752 I’m not sure if that is to be said for the drink menu, but their in-house master mixologist, Warren Hode, has created such innovative cocktails, you wouldn’t want to try anything new while there. Like your meals, you’ll want to discover you go-to and stick with it especially when they involve Tequila Blanco Corralejo. Or pair your evening with one of the 75 sake, Cherry’s Sake Sommelier, or Samurai, curated specifically for the menu.

IMGP1760This was actually my favorite part of Cherry. It’s not that I didn’t devour everything they put in front of me and then some, but France has a close place to my; and walking in was like reliving my time there tenfold. Imagine being in a bordello on velvet plush seating, cigarette holders puffin smoke into your vacinity, beaded fringe gowns sashaying their way across the room as the likes of Josephine Baker perform before your very eyes. It’s a scene straight out of a movie which may or may not have been owner Jonathan Morr’s décor MO.