Way too much time is spent on social media, so it’s no surprise that brands use it as a way to get your attention. Since about October of 2016, I’ve been screenshotting brands that pop up on my timeline, disguising themselves as a friend’s post. With one click I’ve either bought something I don’t really need, or been transferred to Facebook Business pages, getting the 411 when I should be writing. And as much as I hate these subliminal messaging to buy, I commend myself on being aware of what’s really happening through each “Suggested Post”. But, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share my faves with everyone else (including some that I’ve purchased!).

I was super close to purchasing a Ritual subscription. Since joining Weight Watchers, I’ve been popping iron pills, daily multivitamins, probiotics, and drinking spearmint tea. After days of thinking it over, I decided against it. It’s only fair to give my current cocktail more than a couple of weeks to feel a difference.

Cleanly was brought to my attention first through GiltCity. They were still pretty new at that time, so were dealing mainly in Manhattan. A couple of months later, I started receiving correspondence about Cleanly working in my neighborhood. I brushed it aside and thought why not use a more established company in Brooklyn. The research process was exhausting, and one Facebook session brought this image into my feed. It was a sign! And to be completely honest, I really like them. Like, a lot. They provide you with those bags pictured (which are very sturdy and take up minimal space when folded). You decide online or via the app when your clothes is picked-up and dropped off. Their delivery associates even wait for you as you transfer your items to their Cleanly branded bags!

Throw leggings in my face and I’ll probably click buy. That’s what happened with Girlfriend Collective. I can’t tell you much about the fit, or the material on the body, or the sheer/opaque ratio…why? Well, I bought the wrong size. Yep, you read it correctly…. I purchased the wrong size. And since the transaction occurred in their beta stage, my pair didn’t come in until January to confirm my ultimate screw up. Of course I could have emailed them, but it’s a little motivation to drop some pounds to fit into them. What I can say from feeling my pair is that, if they feel the same way on my body, as they do against my hands, I look forward to sporting them come mid-spring.

UPDATE: Santa Marguerite now Margot by Loren has been removed.