Summer’s almost over, but the peak travel time has basically just begun. With that in mind, we’ve been bringing you travel musts, dos, and don’ts to ease the stress that comes along with it. This Summer Styles, Sian Sutherland, co-founder of Mio Skincare is telling you the top ways to keep your skin fit while on the go.

“Going on holiday? You lucky, lucky girl! We’ve gotten really good at streamlining our pack, beating jet lag and looking and feeling great while getting away with our mates, family, or even solo.”

1. Streamline your pack
You already know what you’re most comfortable in, what looks great with a tan and what you can repurpose (last night’s party dress is today’s beach cover up, only with flip flops). Less clutter and baggage = more room to pack in the fun.

2. Beat jet lag
Of all the travel advice we’ve gotten, the best way we know to beat jet lag is to work up a good sweat on your first day. It will help you sweat out any unfortunate airplane food, too many drinks during that layover… It will energize you, get your blood flowing and help you get a great first night’s sleep. Find out the hot sport at your holiday destination, then take a hike, paddleboard, take a yoga class. Whatever your workout, you’ll be so glad you did.Workout-Wonder-Bottle-100ml_300dpi-print

3. Keep your skin fit on the go
Nothing says,”I’M READY, SUMMER!” quite like gorgeous, glowing skin. We love, love, love packing our favorite skincare minis so we can keep up our bodycare routine and feel great on the go. Your fit skin kit contains our three favorite holiday essentials:

Boob Tube + bust firmer will keep your décolletage and neck looking smooth, firm and gorgeous. Gives an unfair advantage to those snapping selfies.

If a fitness retreat is in your future, Workout Wonder muscle gel is your BFF to ease muscles you didn’t even know you had. Dancing ‘till dawn? Treat your feet to a dose of Workout Wonder before bed and your feet will love you all the more for it.

Drum roll, please, for The Activist body oil, the most amazing body oil you will ever use. It will make your shoulders, arms and legs glow with health and holiday happiness. It smells absolutely gorgeous. We love to put a little on the ends of our hair to nourish it post pool, beach or sun.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll have people cooing, “Ay Dios Mio” with every step you take.