From Australia to New York to London and back to New York again, Sass & Bide has been around the runway block, in  a good way. This time around we can’t stop look at the side-swept hair they chose for the models. And because you’ll want to copy the exact look from the gingham hi-low skirt to the hair, evo, the hands behind the look, gave us the low down on how to recreate, at home.

Products Needed:


Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Wet hair through roots and mid lengths with evo Salty Dog and dry until bone dry. Dry hair up for extra volume.
  2. Sat the mid lengths and ends with the Cloud Nine Standard Wand for disheveled wave.
  3. Using a wide tooth comb, brush hair from the left to the right to create a comb over.
  4. Apply evo Shape Vixen to hands and rake through the roots and mid lengths, keeping the comb over shape in place. Spray with Helmet Finishing Spray and set with diffuser.
  5. Just behind the left ear, start twisting hair down to the nape, creating a cornrow. Fasten clip over corn row to secure shape.
  6. Apply Love Touch to mid lengths and ends and brush in with a wide tooth comb to finish the look.