This is my first, of a mini-series of posts, pertaining to the Zumba apparel line. Recently, I was dubbed a Zumba Blogger Ambassador, which basically means, I get to try out really cool Zumba wear before you. Which in turn is beneficial, because I can tell you my favorite pieces and the ones you may want to skip. In this shipment, I received:

Back Me Up Reversible Bra
Love Me Long Leggings
Stylin’ Long Sleeve Tee
So Bootyful Long Leggings
Zumba Flex Classic

Right off the bat, I was concerned with sizing. It looked like it was too small for me, but once on, it fit like a glove. My two favorite pieces were the ‘Love Me Long Leggings’ and ‘So Bootyful Long Legging’. The compression was great (and slimming). It was opaque coverage. The fact that it was high-waisted was even better. No one wants to be flopping out of their apparel while dancing across the room. BUT, I found it to be very long. I’m 5’2” so am somewhat used to it, but due to the compression, it was hard for me to properly adjust without the fabric constantly creasing.


The ‘Back Me Up Reversible Bra’ is one of the only sports bras that has ever fit me without leaving indents on the cages under my bust. Only setback was the extra fabric near the sleevage area. ‘Stylin’ Long Sleeve Tee’ is very trendy. A part of me wishes it was louder in color, but I understand many expect that of Zumba. So it’s great they didn’t fall into the style stereotype. I’m an off the shoulder type of gal, but the round bottom brings attention to my stomach, which is a definite, no. If it were longer like an artist’s smock, I would love it.

And lastly, the ‘Zumba Flex Classic’. I typically have to get fitted for sneakers as my foot is slightly wider than most. The classic’s compression is great for dancing and the ventilations allows for your feet to breath. They remind me of my dance sneakers from high school except they don’t have the elasticity, or softer soles that make moves more controlled.

Overall I was pleased. The fit was on point, the colors didn’t scream Zumba, and the material was high quality.