Dr.-S.-MulhollandWho hasn’t wanted to rid their body of fat and cellulite without the use of body creams? I know we can work out till our hearts content, but a lot of times there are certain sections of fat pockets that doctors say can’t be removed except through surgical procedures. Which, to be honest, really sucks. I mean, I never want to be put under for any reason pertaining to vanity, but thinking that no matter how many crunches, wall sits, kettle ball swings, particular areas will never be as tight as desired definitely makes me think twice.

Then again, there are many non-invasive treatments with an immediate recovery time that offer the same results as invasive over series of sessions. This time around we’re talking aboutBodyFX. A non-invasive body contouring technology designed for your bum, abs, flanks, and thighs that targets fatty tissues and create optimal silhouette. With the use of radio frequency and vacuum massage technique, BodyFX focuses on particular areas without altering the look of others with heating the skin and gentle pressure to surpass the epidermis.Jannae-Beauty-Institute Dr.-S.-Mulholland-2

I actually tried the treatment and loved the experience. There was no bruising, no tender feeling, and I could go about my daily business afterwards. It was one a time thing, to get a feel for what patients would endure, so no results on my end were felt. And please don’t think I wussed out because of any discomfort. If offered, I would absolutely follow through a series of sessions to show my firsthand before and after, but as cost is an issue, I’m not able to. Then again, the photos above should be a true testament to its capabilites.

Dr.-D.-DuncanVisit them online for more information or to find a certified professional to discuss if BodyFX is right for you.