Imagine. Bonfiring it up along the beach with your closest pals. Kebabs on the grill. Great tunes playing out the speakers. And crisp cold ones opening up as the evening moves further into the wee hours. But this is the thing – I don’t like beer. I like my drinks frozen and fruity when beach side, but with so many of the options high in sugar content, you’re better off drinking water. Well not anymore. Now you can add a little more adult fun to your outing withBuzzBar.

BuzzBar is an alcohol infused frozen treat available in 7 delicious flavors including my favorite,Citrus Berry Drop (Raspberry Lemon Drop Sorbet + Lemon Vodka). Which says a lot coming from someone who can only drink vodka when masked to the point that even a whiff could turn my stomach. Each bar is made with all-natural ice cream, organic dairy and whole food ingredients ensuring no high fructose corn syrup. Even two of the flavors are vegan friendly, so no one, based on dietary restrictions or beliefs, will miss out on the fun.

One thing I will say is that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the chocolate coating, though my roommate loved it. He said it reminded him of dark chocolate, which I truly despise. I actually wound up scooping out the creamy insides and giving him the coating.

BuzzBar is currently available across the country at hotels, entertainment venues, specialty retailers including Excalibur and Monte Carlo hotels, Los Angeles’ Wally’s Wine & Spirits, Texas’ Spec’s and many more places. So be sure to check out their site for the nearest location and remember, you must be 21 and over to purchase and consume BuzzBar. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!