“We’re not like that,” says Dominique Penn on L.A. people’s bad rap. “It’s the transplants that live up to the superficial persona.” And she’s right. This Los Angeles native is anything but superficial. She’s smart, witty, generous, but most of all real. Which from what reality tv shows us isn’t possible for a footballer’s wife. From writing her own blog, to taking care of her kids, to running her personal charity initiatives, to opening her own store front, this Mommy is more than busy. But don’t think that’s going to limit her, she already has a few more projects in the works.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I was searching for reviews on products before I bought them, and all of the answers seemed scripted. I felt like the reviews on these companies, was from the companies themselves. So I started my blog to give people “real answers” on products.

How did you set yourself apart from the other mommy bloggers out there?
I set myself apart from other mommy bloggers by giving my honest opinions. A lot of mommy bloggers make everything seem perfect when it’s not. Being a mom is hard work and finding the right product for your child is NOT as easy as other bloggers paint. I also set myself apart by allowing my followers to email me products that they want me to try for an honest review. Not everyone can have the luxury of buying product after product, so they turn to me to purchase the product and review.My-Face-Book

You tend to be very honest. Have any brands responded in a negative or positive light?
There have been some companies that have reached out to me and commended me for what I was doing. They loved my concept!! All of their motivation and feedback gave me the vision for my store. I haven’t received any negative feedback from any company yet, thank goodness! I hope that these companies can hear the voices of many parents through myself and make adjustments with their products if need be. If the consumers are reciprocating negative feedback then I hope these companies hear them and make adjustments.  

Now you have a concept store. What gave you the push to take your blogging to store front?
I started to see my fan base increase on Facebook! I was getting a lot of feedback and people loved what I was posting. I always wanted to do a store of some sort so when I saw the outpouring of support from my followers, it definitely gave me the final push I needed to start my boutique.

What brands do you carry?
I carry brands from Young Versace, Chloe, Fendi and Cavalli to Ruffle Butts, and Blueberry Hill. I also carry toys, hair products for children, and aromatherapy items for moms, and jewelry. There is something for everyone at “The Everything Mrs. Penn Loves” boutique. One of the cool things I love about the boutique is we also have clothing for moms! Everything Mrs. Penn Loves truly is where mommy meets baby!!


Now tell us about your book. It discusses a topic many either just learned to deal with, like touching of a persons hair without permission. Why do you think these sort of conversations are necessary?
These conversations are necessary because our children’s education is necessary. Instilling morals and values in them will go a long way with them. The premise of my first book teaches my little readers that we are different yet we are still the same. To love with our hearts instead of what we see on the outside. Those topics are necessary, because they’re never talked about. Things we might not be aware of can be hurtful to young children and we want to find ways to uplift them, so I thought I would share experiences that most people don’t talk about.

What’s next for Mrs. Penn?
TO CONQUEOR THE WORLD!!!! I am still working on my other books. I have written ten children books from “The Many Adventure of Donald” series, with the first five being released this year. We are planning a Caribbean Book Tour through Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas. It’s called 100 Books:100 Lives. My mission is to make a difference in 100 children’s lives on each stop of our tour.  I’m really excited about the series! I’m also working on my own children’s clothing line, making clothes comfortable and affordable for parents all over!! I can’t wait for the world to see everything that I worked so hard on!