Pierre and Elie Bernheim started a Swiss watch company in 2012, 88 Rue du Rhone – An accessible luxury watch with all the trappings of its higher priced competitors. Keeping things simple with their first collection, they sought to create wearable pieces without ostentatious frills. This year, they added some decorative nuances that serve the collection well. Though the entire line is worthy of the spotlight, we will showcase the offerings that particularly caught our eye.

Rio – a 45mm chronograph encapsulating the country of Brazil! By looks alone you see the Brazilian pride shining through the green, purple, and soccer ball like dial design. And what perfect timing with the 2014 FIFA World Cup happening in Brazil. JOGA BONITO!

Marilyn – named after the beauty and definition of Hollywood Glamour, Marilyn Monroe, this watch is representative of an era that no longer exists. Rose gold, 88 lustrous diamonds, crimson accents – all symbols of glitz, glamour and a dream world of luxuries we only see on the silver screen. “A bold “8” on the dial of this watch, the symbol of infinite fortune and luck, further emphasizes the timeless appeal of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies.”88-RUE-DU-RHONE

Broadway – slightly similar to Marilyn in the overall message in design is a 42mm chronograph, rather than 35mm chronograph, that features a beige dial to highlight, or showcase the red seconds hand and detailing. Red stitching adds a pop to the black leather stitching and the “8” is reminiscent of the countdown at the start of old films.

Alexandra – the most special watch in their latest series. Not because it rings close to me, but it tells a story of courage and strength many of us take for granted every day. Designed for an 11 year-old, Alexandra, who passed away last September from cancer, 88 Rue du Rhone utilized their power for charity. By honoring and setting up a give-back initiative, all proceeds from the “Alexandra” watch sales go to Courir…Ensemble. An organization in Geneva, Switzerland that aided in her struggle with cancer. “It is our mission to commemorate Alexandra with this vibrant and beautiful watch that dazzles with eleven pink diamonds to mark each year of Alexandra’s life.”