FromtheLabGilt City, the latest addition to the monthly beauty subscription, give you the inside product scoop, in a new way.  Up to 18 months before the market will ever get to test run the newest eye cream, hair mask, pore refiner, skin tone correct, whatever is soon to hit the shelves, it’s delivered to your door in a 30-day supply. No mini sachets of shampoo not even enough to wash Barbie’s hair. No more “deluxe” samples, which we all know are glorified samples. None. You’re provided with full-size product, developed by the top scientists in renowned labs in France, Switzerland, and Italy, which you can use for a complete 30 days. The proper amount of time to see whether it’s a yay or nay.

Plus, when you find your go to item, you can then purchase it from the online store, even though it hasn’t hit counters. Now, how exclusive is that?

Currently, this membership is invite only, but if you join From The Lab’s , you’re not only able to take part in From The Lab’s elite group of beauty insiders, but you’ll be able to get it at a significantly discounted rate. Hurry, because this promotion run from today, July 24 to July 31.