This Lady Tech Tuesday is all about the sleek design of the Cadillac ELR luxury coupe. I first set eyes on this luxurious beauty of style and science, Saturday, during the ‘Art + Science Enlightened Luxury Event’  at the Montauk Beach House. Over Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas we were taken to a place of where art and science meshed effortlessly. No more of that if you’re good at art, you can’t be good at science nonsense we were taught in grade school. With the sleek “Cadillac” engraved LED lights, 20-way adjustable OPUS semi-aniline leather seats and smooth surface structure redesigning the necessities of outward protrusions like car handles, to reduce drag, Cadillac has broken the mold.

Frank Dalene of Telemark and Richard Stott of Steelbone, the inspiration behind this redesign, took their philosophy of creating environmentally conscious homes to create an environmentally conscious luxury vehicle. The ELR is  allows for a complete electric drive that shifts over to range-extending gas generator to fuel the electric system, once depleted, for a commute of roughly 300 miles (480 km). Plus, the system can work in the some of the most extreme weather conditions.

“The Cadillac ELR is a sophisticated luxury coupe for those who want to stand out in a fashionable yet progressive way,” said Melody Lee, director of brand and reputation strategy. “Partnering with The Montauk Beach House is a natural fit; both are American luxury brands elevated by beauty, style and design.”

Saturday’s event kicked-off the Sound Waves @ the House seven-week series of fashion and music at The Montauk Beach House. Though complimentary, all events are invite-only.

For more information on Cadillac ELR before its market arrival  in early 2014 or The Montauk Beach House, visit their websites.