19_sms_WIL_0200_eng_03By Abbie Parker / Edited by Tillie Eze

Growing up, I was always highly allergic to scented body washes and could only use Dove. Now, that I’m an adult, my pH balance has changed making me even more sensitive in the nether region. From constant yeast infections caused by scented washes to Summer’s Eve not cutting it, I found no other feminine wash options.

When introduced to the product Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash, I tested it for two week and have only seen positive results! Especially with my workout schedule of 4-5 times a week and with New York’s summer heat, it’s imperative to use a product that not only works with your pH balance, but holds true to its claim. I can now say I found a product that has me hooked for life!

So let me tell you why Sebamed is so amazing. It’s 100% soap and Alkali free, a solution that has a soluble base of a pH level higher than 7.0. It’s very mild, organic and keeps your skin at pH 3.8 balance, which, if you haven’t done your homework, is essential for proper caring of sensitive areas.

And if you are a dog lover like me this product is “Cruelty Free” and comes in a bottle that’s almost 100% biodegradable, keeping me and my six-year-old Min Pin Coco very happy!

For more information on Sebamed, other products and where to purchase, visit them online.