It’s that time of year when we want to do nothing else but hibernate. Bundle up under our covers in our jammies and wake to bloomed tulips, birds singing and lots of hair. But since we aren’t bears and have lives to live and jobs to do, our upkeep has to stay on point. So this Beauty Hotspot is all about Uni K Wax.

Founded by Noemi Grupenmager in 1993, her mission was to create an environment enforcing key elements – a non-irritating and pain-free wax, a clean and comfortable atmosphere, and outstanding customer relations, all at an affordable price. Which is hard to find in a city like New York when many times you’re forced to choose between a great deal or great service. Noemi believes you should have both, especially when it comes to your health and beauty.


Now, from the beginning I was very skeptical. I’ve been to many salons and have had many mishaps. From an esthetician sweating over me and leaving me with a busted lip (not the one of my face) to being told “the next strip will rip your skin off, so we’re going to have to leave the wax on until your skin calms tomorrow,” I haven’t been the best recipient of Brazilians. But, I’m proud to report, I had an amazing experience with Uni K Wax.

The entire service  from prep to finish took roughly 15 minutes. My esthetician was funny and at first I thought she was trying to take my mind of the pain, but that was her personality. No burning hot wax hit my skin. No cloth or paper strips leaving behind wax. No flinching from excessive pain. Nothing. Plus, for those of us who sweat before anxiety sets in, there’s a fan lightly blowing cool air to ensure that if  the drying powder becomes moist, the fan keeps you cool and dry.

With over 20 locations throughout the states, make your appointment today. You can’t be attending Fashion Week looking like a bear, can you?