The eyewear game is truly growing into an accessories class of their own. New ways to shop and create pairs you love that are also original have become so simple, it’s as easy as sending a text. This holiday season we got a pair to test drive the newest brand, LOOKMATIC.

Worn by Emma Stone and Jessica Alba, LOOKMATIC allows for you to choose up to 5 pairs to try on at home and return what you don’t want. Choose from 80 frames, colorways, tints and lens for multitude of styles that can be dressed up or down, for the beach or on the alps, even for those winter nights you’re wrapped up reading your favorite novel. Enough about them, read about our LOOKMATIC experience from Angela.Optical

“I’ve had my glasses from Lookmatic for about a week and a half. At first, I was apprehensive not only because I haven’t worn glasses in years (I’d just get the glasses Rx during eye check-ups to appease the doctor…sad, I know but vanity is a hell of a drug and I have adorable eyes that really shouldn’t be hidden behind thick, ol’ lenses) and because the entire process would be online. Many people say they have bad eyes and they go on to moan about -2.75 vision. Please…I have -10.0 in both eyes and with vision that bad, I wasn’t looking to be damned with coke-bottle thick lenses and a prescription that was so off, I’d end up worse than I began. Or even worse…being relegated to ugly frames capable of supporting my prescription.

I went to Lookmatic’s website and was impressed not only with the array of styles available but with the ‘Virtual Try On’ feature. To be honest, thanks to Lookmatic, I not only realized the pinhole at the top of my laptop’s screen was a webcam, I got to ‘try on’ several pairs of eyeglasses. I finally settled on a pair (the Clarks) and completed the online process. Due to the strength of my prescription, they had to outsource my lens order but the end result was worth the additional wait. The glasses I received are stylish and light! Those of use with higher ‘scripts know what I’m talking about and the lenses…are thin and don’t make my large eyes look like gooseberries.

My experience was so positive, I’m thinking of ordering another pair and using contacts sporadically.”


Founded by three generations of the Cole Family, family involved with Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, and Target Optical, they know what great eyewear entails. Try on a pair for size. If you don’t love it… we know you’re lying.