The Look: Gato for Maybelline
“The idea is, most of the designers they are asking for very fresh skin, like nothing. If you have great girls you will see the focus is kind of juicy effect. All this means that the skin is so well done, it’s so perfect that you can see the foundation but you see that she’s a sophisticated girl. She’s not a fresh teenager like we can see in another show. This is a woman.”


“What we have done is cleared all the skin with Dream Cushion, the new Maybelline foundation all over their face in a very subtle way. Then we start to create the highlights. We put it in the center of the forehead, in the chin – It depends on each girl [face shape] to recreate this glow.”

“We fix the eyebrows but just keeping enough to keep the shape and fill in the gaps between curves. Nothing else, and then we are working with strobing.”

“We start with Face Studio Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter a very golden [hue] that we put as a highlight. It enhances the skin tone and then one that’s a little bit darker to create a touch of the sun feeling.” [NOTE:  “It’s kind of brass so to make it very soft, add to the cheekbone down to the jawline and in the hairline. A little bit in the bridge above the nose, here.”]

“Just touch of mascara but only in the upper lashes, very soft. The star of the makeup should be the glowing beautiful skin. One minute before the show we are going to apply a matte nude color mixed in with the strobing on the lips to create this kind of golden touch.”

To mattify:

“With powder. The rest of the face could be very juicy but the face is like a healthy, beautiful skin.”