The Look: Mary Lennon and Leah Yari, Founders of côte
“Jonathon chose a really cool color combination for today. He’s actually going with a layered look, in the more nude tones. Some people think, “Nudes. That’s kind of boring and plain.” Actually, the way he’s chosen to do it really makes it pop. It give it a lot of depth.”


“We number all the polishes instead of naming them. It’s so hard to keep up with the names, so we have 112 in our collection.”

Apply a layer of côte no. 8 and follow it up with a top coat of côte no. 9.
“It is kind of like an opaque and a sheer mixed together, and it really gives it a nice feel. Kind of embraces that peachy, laid-back look that he is going for in the show today.”

Finish off by repeating the same steps on your hands.
“All the models are wearing both of these layered on [their] hand and feet. We are all about cleaner, safer beauty so we are as toxin free as we can be. We are the most toxin free polish on the market right now.”