At times I wish we could skip right over Spring and hit Summer. You know those Summers that look like Summer but feel like Spring with cool breezes that flush over your suntanned skin. None of that sweat accumulating between your thigh nonsense that occur when you step outside your air conditioned apartment to a sweltering sidewalk. Seriously, I’m surrounded by water not back home in Texas, there’s no excuse for it. But because not all dreams become reality, we should protect the skin we’re in, every day. Especially our faces.amj_FBF2002_CRM

San Diego Hat Company solves all your hat woes. I’ve never seen a collection of this magnitude with styles for everyone. Literally, everyone. Pink hats. Fedoras. Baseball caps. Cowboy hats. Hats for kids who are obsessed with animals, to hats that channel Samantha Jones a la Sex and the City movie. It’s all there. Which at first I was very skeptical of as most places that offer a vast selection typically lack high quality. But when I received my 10″ diameter brim hat, I saw and felt the quality. Its tightly woven braids in many of the hats offer UPF 50+ sun protection, which aids in the necessary protection of our skin.

San Diego Hat Company is currently available in over 3,000 specialty boutiques and department stores worldwide including Bloomingdales, Kitson, and Free People as well as online at