White Sands Dryer Bonnet: No one has time for excess heat as the days become warmer, nor can we afford to sweat out our pin curls while sleeping, but we can’t scrimp on our hairstyle either. So to control where the heat travels, and give our pin curls the direct heat they need to last longer, trust White Sands Dryer Bonnet. Folds up small enough for any carry on, and fits atop the largest of heads! The part is that it will eventually save you beaucoup bucks on salon visits being able to do styles and treatments at home.

Somersets Shaving Oil: Shaving is the bane of my existence, and though I opt for waxing during the winter, I’m too sensitive to wax in the heat, but the annoyance of shaving creams washing off in the shower escalates my annoyance of grooming all together. To make it easier for those who feel the pain I feel, go for Somersets Shaving Oil. As it gently softens the hair for easy scaping, it uses peppermint oil for a nice cooling effect that lasts out of the shower. Plus, it’s TSA-approved so no more lugging around the shaving cream canister.

Don’t leave your man friend hanging, Somersets got them covered, too!

Luster Premium White: Yes, red wine and sangria are a must have this spring/summer. No, you’re teeth looking 50 shades of stained is not ok. And since the risk of teeth sensitivity is worth would make you question your choice of alcohol, why should you miss out on all the fun?

Luster Pro Light offers the most comparable at-home results to any other device or strips on the shelves, except you never have to worry about cringing every time something cold touches those pearly whites.


It’s high time you bring those stilettos out from hibernation. And unless you’re stepping in a grate, or just can’t walk in heels, there’s no reason to slip around or slip out of your shoes this spring.  Especially with Sticky Shoes on the market.

The latest creation to prevent your feet from slipping out of your with each step, with a tape that has a strong adhesive bond to last you the longest of days and securely fasten those heels to where they should be.Sticky-Shoes

La Fresh Wipes: I used to think that those isopropyl alcohol wipes worked on everything, until I learned alcohol wipes are not meant for removing makeup. La Fresh on the other hand has every wipe you can think of. Masculine hygiene wipes? Yes. Shoe shine wipes? Mmmhmm! And my favorites, lens and screen wipes. You know, when you’ve been texting all day and the oil from your fingers transferred over to your phone. I used it for my laptop screen and it left it looking a new. The last time the colors looked this crisp, it was coming out of it’s box.



Frank: Scrub-a-dub dub, enjoy your coffee in the tub. Actually don’t because that could be dangerous. But with Frank’s body scrub you’ll awaken thanks to its blend of cold-pressed almond oil and a custom arabica coffee. So ignite your senses and soften that dry, dull skin, all that the same time. One warning, things may get a little slippery so don’t put on the bottom of your feet unless sitting down. Follow the #thefrankeffect and see who else is doing it, too.

Omorovicza: One of my favorite skincare brands from all the brands I’ve ever tried. They are not only creating product that you see and feel results, they aren’t expanding their line where it becomes too many to handle. This latest one will be the it product for all those dry skin types looking for a lift. Provided a dewy, bronzed look you won’t have to cake on layers of additives to give you an everlasting glow. With their Gold Hydralifting Mask, it does it for you. Now if only they had one for combination skins.