ZADY1ZADY, a new online shopping mecca, enters the e-commerce ring, competing for the title alongside established brands. Co-founded by Maxine Bédat of The Bootstrap Projectand Soraya Darabi of Foodspotting and The New York Times, these women have searched the globe for quality products with a verifiable story. But that’s not the only thing that makes them different. ZADY, is open about the products having to be “stylish” first, then ethical. Which to some may seem superficial, but I’d rather wear a burlap sack with neon piping trim, and a cinched waist, that has been handmade by a small community in Argentina. Than purchase a burlap sack sans the trimmings because it’s supposed to make me feel like I’m being ethically responsible.

Ok… ZADY doesn’t sell burlap sacks (yet), but they do adorn their platform with beautiful pieces made of exotic fibers like Alpaca, Finnish Fox Fur and hand-spun wool. In a collection of curated pieces ranging from a grenade oil lamp to ostrich eggshell necklace to Barton slim jeans.

“We are thrilled to introduce to the world today,” says co-founder Maxine Bédat. “It has been a year in the making, but worth the wait. Zady brings transparency to the way beautiful things are made. We are proud to offer consumers an option to purchase stylish clothing that is truly well-crafted and created to last, without the added worry about the conditions in which pieces were produced.”

For more information on ZADY or how to get your hands on to some of these pieces, visit them online

UPDATE: Now you remain the cool aunt (or uncle) forever when you show up everyone at holiday dinner with a ZADY gift. ZADY has opened a Pop-Up Shop in LaGuardia Airport, Terminal D for the holiday season. The store will be open seven days-a-week  from November 5, 2013 – January 4, 2014 between the hours of  Sunday-Saturday: 6 a.m. ET – final daily departure times.