Are you worried that your watch choice is giving off the wrong impression? Or perhaps you want to make sure that your watch says as much about you as it possibly can? The style of watch we choose can say a lot about us, even if you think that it doesn’t matter that much. If you want to know what your watch choice says about you, read on:

  • The ‘Business Man/Woman’ Watch – The business style watch tells people that you’re the kind of person who likes the finer things in life. First impressions matter to you, and your watch makes that perfectly clear, without you having to open your mouth at all. People will get all kinds of ideas in their head when they first see your watch; you’re rich, you eat lobster for lunch, you live in a mansion to rival Richard Branson, etc. If you want people to become interested in you and your story, wear this kind of watch. Just beware that some will only befriend you to be close to the watch. Just saying.
  • The ‘Casual Everyday’ Watch – The everyday watch is practical, durable, and versatile. So are you! Your everyday watch has probably stood by you through thick and thin, just like you would if somebody close to you needed you. You’re a bit of a chameleon but can’t be bothered with too much fuss. Shinola leather bands are very much ‘your thing’ when it comes to watches. Yep, that’s what people think when they see your watch.
  • The ‘Nice but Understated’ Watch – The understated watch is my favourite, so I guess that makes me understated too, right? Of course I enjoy looking nice and the odd bit of attention, but I don’t like it to be too obvious or in your face. The understated watch is beautifully crafted, without having to be loud, bright, or edgy. It’s just beautiful and simple (that doesn’t mean you’re stupid, don’t worry!). Does that sound like you? That’s what the understated watch says about you!
  • The ‘Loud & Glam’ Watch – The glam watch is perfect for people who like to make a statement. If you’re not checking yourself out in the mirror, you’re probably laughing at your own jokes when wearing this kind of watch. Seriously though, this watch tells people that you don’t appreciate going unnoticed. Want to shout ‘look at me!’ without saying anything at all? Wear a loud/glam watch.
  • The ‘Sporty’ Watch – The sporty watch is a reflection on your lifestyle and how you like to live. It says that you’re disciplined, active, a lover of life, and a little bit cool too. On the other hand, you might simply be channeling the ‘sports luxe’ look, which would tell people you were a bit of a fashion mogul too.

There are millions of different watch designs out there, and I bet there’s one to encapsulate your personality perfectly. Don’t worry about what to say ever again, and let your watch do all of the talking for you! What does your watch say about you? Let us know in the comments!