No matter what anyone, in any sort of fitness or nutrition realm tells you, listen to your body.

In P.E. , I used to think my side cramping up during runs was my body chickening out. So rather than stopping and feeling like a failure, I would keep running. Now that I’m older and feel like I’m on a happier and healthier path, nothing anyone can tell me, will have me choose beliefs over stopping. Which brings me to my second week at Bikram.

I bet you all are sitting there like, “What. Happened!?” Don’t worry… it’s nothing rude. But I will say Bikram has been the only sort of fitness regimen that I feel myself pushing away from. Not because I find it to be a new age fad that will die with the times, as it’s not. Look it up. Yoga, like Bikram, has been practiced for years. It’s just us who have taken a culturally practiced foundation and run with it. Not the point the. The point is, it’s not for me. It may be that I’m not used to it yet, but I find it harder and harder to fall sarvangasana over heels for it.

Last week in class, I left after an hour. There was an overwhelming feeling of suffocation that came over me. At first I chucked it out to be me following the breathing patterns of the student in front of me, before returning to my own rhythm. But as time went on, I felt like I was gasping for air, but no one could hear me. So I laid down on my back, as instructed during our first class, but didn’t feel any better. I actually don’t breathe well on my back, so prefer my stomach. Moments later, I realized I had had enough. I purchased my coconut water and left.

The next day, I woke up with a horrible pain in my knee. I explained to a couple of friends in the fitness world what had happened, and how I’m unclear as to why my knee felt that way. One explained that, due to my bad knee, locking it is completely out of the question. I should find modified positions that would not stretch it to a point of inflammation or pain. The other friend, who just has such an eloquent way with words said, “Oh… so you’re still doing that?”

And with that I say, “Yes, I am!” Or until the month is over at least.