It’s MAY! Which means a new health journey. A journey filled with pushing myself to try something new, different, and out of my comfort zone. This month, we’ll be focusing on Bikram Yoga – Soho! You know, the new hot (literally) spot between Soho and Tribeca? Yeah, it’s sort of dope!

I’ve only taken one class so far, but have actually tried heated yoga, or Bikram, years ago. I took one class then as well, but never went back because I became really sick. Returning to it years later, in a different environment is very different from what I remember. I don’t remember sweating as much, and I don’t remember being able to feel myself open up more in the second rotation of positions. It was as if the heat allowed my muscles and joints to relax and circulate oxygen, so I could lift my hips higher or stabilize my shaking.

Which brings me to another point. Because it is so quiet and everyone is focused on themselves, their postures, and their breathing. It’s an hour and a half, of YOU. No cell phone. No music. No worrying about how your rolls show through your shirt, and how the intern looks better than you, the editor. Nothing. It really makes you focus on the here and now. Something that millions of people, around the world, shell out crazy amounts of money to do every day. And overtime, or at least I hope for me, one learns to exercise those traits in throughout the day.

My only gripe, so far, is the recovery time. I didn’t schedule anything after my first class, because I wanted to be cognizant of my body’s reaction. I didn’t feel sore, or tightening, but I did feel exhausted. Maybe exhausted isn’t the correct term. Exertion is more befitting. I felt exerted. Not in a “I can’t walk around and work” way, but more of “a cat nap will surely help me recover” manner. For me, I don’t like working out in the evening, but I think this would be a great exercise to do before bed.

Also, Monique, one of the founders of Bikram Yoga – Soho, told me drinking coconut water before or after class will hydrate you and recovery time will get better over time.

So there’s hope for me!