One trend we can’t deny invading the runways is leather, but also David Bowie as a muse. Seriously. He’s an icon to both music and fashion, is married to one of the most influential models of time (Iman) and has a face recognizable to most generations (even if they can’t name one of his songs).

The old David Bowie who sang “Dancing in the Street” with Mick Jagger dancing from screen shot to screen shot was loud, personality wise. He  wore bright colors, chunky heeled shoes, rocked the punk hair and lived, what it seemed, a very flamboyant lifestyle filled with lots of parties and little sleep. With some of the best designers channeling their interpretation of Bowie and leather into their collections, it’s time you make room in that closet because we know you don’t have time to go shopping in-store for what you need. That’s why we’ve chosen our favorite Bowie worthy pieces that will have you showcasing your inner Bowie on the outside, minus the dark circles, of course. And if you like what you see, and  “actual fashion with Kat Maconie” because we’re sure you will, drop by Zalando’s shop!