Who doesn’t want a watch for the holidays? The real question is think back to how many times you received a watch for the holidays and we’re like,”Hmm… this could have been cooler.” The first watch I EVER wanted was the Baby G-Shock in pink. I must have been in middle school or maybe younger. Anyway, my mum couldn’t justify spending $100 on a watch she knew I would never wear, and could barely read, just because of the color. When Christmas came around, I was sure she had bought it for me. Did she? NOPE. She actually bought me a more grown-up Timex. To prove to her I would wear the watch, I wore it EVERYWHERE to everything. I made such a show about telling the time, that when people asked me what time it was, it took me a while, but when I got it, I shouted it with pride.

I wound up becoming so obsessed with the Timex, my sister or mum had to take it and hide it from me and gave me the excuse, “You must have lost it.”

Give someone the chance to become so obsessed with their watch, like I was this season. AND, purely by coincidence, further down below, there’s a chance to win (1) of (6) Timex watches for you or someone you love.

P.S. I never told Timex this story when we set up the giveaway because they would have been like,”Yikes, homegirl is craaazzzyy.” But now they know and can’t renege the contest. HAHAH!

Buffalo Plaid Red Expedition Scout by Timex – $64.95; 25th Anniversary SOG Knife SET by Luminox – $550; Q Dreamer Sand Leather Bracelet by FOSSIL – $125; Weekender Reversible Stripe in Olive/Tan by Timex – $49.95; Roman Numeral Tank Style Watch by Isaac Mizrahi – $95; ‘Yerevan Edition’ ‘Mai’ 6 Time Zone Small Case Watch by IceLink – $995.00; S Series by G-SHOCK – $160; Dapper St. Mawes by Daniel Wellington – $299; “The Lancaster” Custom Build by Vortic – starting from $2,470; iFIt Classic Obsidian by iFit – $199

STYLECARTEL GIVEAWAY – At 12PM EST go to StyleCartel on Instagram. Simply like the account, and below the photo of the Timex watch, tell us what time it is wherever you are in the world. That’s right, it’s open to everyone in the world! You have until December 18 at 12PM EST. By 2PM EST winners will be chosen and contacted. Bonne Chance, mes amies!