Get beach ready or just stay in shape this Spring with The Standard Moves x PUMA. This season they’ve launched a set of .gifs  demonstrating yoga poses and workout techniques taken from programs offered at The Standard. One of the most innovative or unique aspects of these positions or .gif highlights is that a majority can be done while traveling, in case all you are equipped with is your hotel suite.

All contributors have been styled exclusively in PUMA footwear & apparel (I bet you were wondering how PUMA fit into all of this), including Budokon Master Donato Helbling, yoga instructors Kelly Ann Charles & Christy Nones McKenzie, Mary Robertson, and health & fitnesscoach Brad Plotkin.


To promote a healthier way of life, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach will be offering on-site unique juicing workshops and retreats to commence our internal “spring-cleaning”. On April 15-19 & April 19-21, the spa will offer a 5 day Chakra Juice Cleanse with fresh juices and specialized scrub treatments in the Hamam. And for up north folks who aren’t lucky enough to be beachside a la Miami Beach, TheStandard, High Line will host HamOM Meditation workshops with Donna D’Cruz throughout the season. No dates have been set as of yet.