Monday, August 13th will be a memorable day for the rest of the fashion blogosphere. Why you ask? Well, The Cut is re-launching themselves with a new look; a look that will certainly pave the way for many blog revampings in the very near future.

During the short presentation of the sites new additions and super advanced capabilities, it seemed like a well-organized, thoroughly calculated smorgasbord of what technology needs in this new age beginning with its smartly designed, magazine like homepage layout. Created in HTML5 and CSS3, the site, will be optimized to ensure the best picture for whatever device used. Fashion shows will be posted faster than in the past with a nifty “Report Card” summarizing key notes from the collection including a one sentence review, trends and the reaction of respected fashion critics like Cathy Horyn and Suzy Menkes. There will be more topic features outside the fashion realm and a hi-res photo zoom option, just so you can properly examine the intricate hand stitch detailing without ever stepping foot in the store. Long story short, all the changes are directed for the reader (or consumer) to have the most information necessary at their fingertips.

The new look is more welcoming to a larger audience, but it also encompasses everything we go to the other major sites for. It may be an intentional move towards the future of New York Media with this change, but with new hires from Gawker, NY Observer and W, there’s no telling where this genius concept will go. Then again all these enhancements just add to how much New York Media is always one step ahead of the game.

Photo courtesy of New York Media