Oh you know we’re going to be rushing to suck up as much remaining summer as possible! The start of fall is less two weeks away, meaning we’ll have so many more treats, tips, and styles to showcase, even during NY Fashion Week… all because we love you and these brands soooo much. So, for today’s installment of Summer Styles, we bring you eCreamery.eCreamery_Enjoy_BananaCaramel

Never heard of it you say? eCreamery is like an even more personalized version of Coldstone except its better. Not only by taste, but by options, and personalization capabilities. There are three bases – sorbet, gelato, and ice cream. After contemplating what your base should be, you’ll choose the flavor, up to three mix-ins, and create a name. For instance, let’s say I was hosting an Italian themed dinner party and wanted to make dessert a little special. Rather than the typical tiramisu, opt for biscotti gelato mixed with almonds and graham cracker crumbs and name it “Dai, Mangiamo!” Or maybe the birthday girl wants a princess themed party with all pink everything. Create an all pink concoction of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, strawberry swirls, and name it “Pretty in Pink”.  The whole point is that the only thing holding you back from making the frozen dessert of your dreams, is your imagination.


And don’t think it’s some old stuffy, cardboard tasting flavors either. I’ve only tasted the ice cream bases, but they were light, smooth, and jam packed with mix-ins … seriously there were mix-ins in every bite, which is why I truly like them. They don’t skimp because you’re not there to monitor them and want you coming back for more. They want to hear your thoughts. AND they want to see what new flavors you come up with through constant contests.

So next time you’re planning a party, a major event, or actually just want to sit at home for a solo movie night, remember eCreamery has got you covered. And for those of you in the Omaha, Nebraska area stop into their store front at 5001 Underwood Ave. Omaha, NE. I’m sure they’d be happy to see you.

eCreamery offers over 40 flavors, 30 mix-ins, and is available in pints, gallons, and party packs! Make it your own, or pick from their pre-made treats.