You know those moments when you’re hanging out with your friends on cool summer night, and all you want to do is throw shade and spill tea all night long, but the reason you didn’t go out was because it wasn’t worth the calories, or the headache of looking “reem”. Well, this Summer Styles is an exotic treat that’s healthy, delicious and has so few calories, you could burn them off in less than an hour.

Monsieur Singh Lassi is a blend of yogurt with healing herbs and spices, in comparison to the other froyos out there that are actually bad for our indigestion and actually weaken our immune system. Lassi, on the other hand, has been around for centuries and counteracts the froyo ideology by creating a recipe that boosts your immune, improves digestion and invigorates the mind and body. Not the way Viagra does, but in the manner that eliminating artificial preservatives does for your body. It was conceived by Ayurveda, a 5000 year old wellness system from India, and the sister science of Yoga.Monsieur_Singh_Lassi_Pints_1

“It is not widely known, but typical frozen yogurts in the market today cause indigestion and weaken our immune systems for two reasons, (1) fruit and yogurt are incompatible foods that when combined, actually wreak havoc on our digestive health, and (2) our bodies are not designed to absorb cold yogurts. Lassi is the solution to these problems. Adding herbs and spices to frozen yogurt, like in Lassi, helps correct these issues, allowing our bodies to properly absorb nutrients and cultures in the yogurt and improve digestion.”


Now to what you really care about, the flavors. Right now Frozen Lassi comes in only two flavors – Mango and Honey Lemon – but by cutting down the options, you can really enjoy what they have to offer. Mango Lassi is made up of Indian mango, mint, and ginger, while Honey Lemon is pure honey, lemon zest and crushed Indian mint. Opt for single serving push pops while you battle over Cranium, or go old school with a movie as you share a pint. Either way, your body and taste buds will thank you.