I have a horrible habit of never knowing what to wear for any season. I wear t-shirts when it’s snowing, take no umbrella when it’s raining, and wear jackets when it’s 80 degrees. It makes no sense, but it’s who I am. And as time goes on, and I age with every passing year, I slowly come into my own. Picking up more practical, mature habits and lifestyle views that don’t make me look like one who’s holding onto youth for dear life, but still feel fashionably acceptable.  So with this summer installment, we’re bringing you the best (and our favorite) summer sandals.Pomegranate-Maui_HROkabashi Maui Flip-flops – I always thought flip-flops were a no support throwaways shoe meant for the beach. The thing with the old flip-flops were that they never lasted, the sand always tracked its way back in and your feet begin to pronate. Okabashi provide arch support for week joints, aid in arthritic pain and are easy to clean. Plus the poppy colors are always an added benefit. Freewaters-SandleFreewaters Kitz Wedge – DO. NOT. JUDGE. There is still a lot of SpiceGirl in me, and from the feet of many others, I see there’s a lot in the as well. No matter how much we try to ensure wedge flip-flips leave and never come back, they won’t. So get over it. Especially since they are vegan, and ultimately probably the most eco-friendly shoe you’ll find in the world. (That was a bit of an exaggeration, but it could also be true… I don’t know. I’m not Einstein!!) And for those who hate wedges, they also come in flats. EMU-SILV-ALMA-£90EMU Alma Sandal – Who knew EMU made sandals? I didn’t. I thought they were just like UGG, creating boots throughout the year for people to pair with Soffe shorts when it’s too hot. Well they do, and they’re quite cute. Best for those summer sangria parties where heels are ridiculous and flops are inappropriate. Available in shades that won’t steal your shine, they basically will match with everything in your closet. Even that rhinestone and sequined jumper you’ve been hiding from the public.Romantic-Moon-Gold-Metallic-OutsideAnother appropriate party sandal is Romantic Moon by Clarks. Char loves the thick ankle strap, but I steered clear due to my cankles. Which I’m not ashamed of, I just know what does and doesn’t work. With a bit of platform it provides that Robyn edge, without the extra weight. The gold sheen is also beautiful against a white dress. SexiFlipGalerieCrocs Sexi Flip can be worn with almost anything. They can be your commuter shoe to and fro the office. They can be worn with a maxi at one of the many festivals you’ll be attending this summer. Easy to clean, flexible, and takes up such little space that you can stuff it in your carry-on. I’m not saying it’s the perfect summer sandal, but it’s close. It’s very, very close.


  1. And Ocean Minded Oumi Nite Flip feminine casual option for someone who doesn’t want anything dressy, but don’t want to wear sandals your uncles may think of purchasing. It’s made of genuine leather and will learn the grooves of your feet with wear, which is perfect for West Coast Beach living.