There are hundreds of websites devoted solely to women’s luxury brands, but you rarely see any for men. Jesse Bride, CEO of, took it upon himself to fill this hole. Steelos.comis an online men’s store carrying the most current trends and brands we love. Understanding that not everyone can drop their “Black Card” and make away like a bandit, he’s created a venue where men can shop and feel their fashion best, all at the same time. even has a “Shop the Look” feature where men can buy the entire look, straight off the model.

See where he began, looks of the season he’s loving and why Steelos differs from the rest.

Do you have a history in beauty or fashion?
I have had an extensive career starting at Brooks Brothers and Mitchell Richards family in Greenwich, CT. I then came to NYC where I began working for Ralph Lauren NY’s world Flagship on Madison Avenue. I spent my time in Ralph Lauren Women’s Runway and Purple Label men’s suiting.


Versace loungepants and Steelos Exclusive “Steelos Lo” sneakers

Why an e-commerce?
Well, men’s fashion is one of the fastest growing sectors online. That is not even taking into consideration the growth in men’s fashion marketing in the U.S, on the retail and online level

There are so many e-commerce popping up, how does Steelos differ? will be the first social shopping platform online that caters to curated men’s clothing and lifestyle. We are also very specifically bridging a street wear and high fashion gap that is currently driving the men’s fashion market

Do your curate the collections, or do you have a team for that? 
We use a team of 3, led by myself.

How do you decide what collection pieces are brought on?
Through years of experience, knowledge of industry and specific taste. We choose brands that we feel are up and coming, taste-making, and current fashion for our customers. We also partner with brands that are influential in street wear and contemporary markets.


Hip and Bone Duffle Bag “Grey” / John Oliver Jones Camo Biker

What 3 menswear trends are you looking forward to seeing in Spring?
Urban dressing is becoming part of the past and a newly developed form-fitting look is what’s to come in the future. Sophisticated preppy styles and dress shoes will become much more common. Fashion moves forward and people have to ride the wave while it’s forming.