Back in 1986, Airwalk introduced themselves to the emerging movement of board sports. Having been one of the originators, I remember my sister dragging me along to Gadzooks in the Houston Galleria to buy herself a pair. She wasn’t a boarder, but it was the style in the 90s, and whether you partook in the preppy scene, Grunge, Goth, or whatever else was out there, there was a distinctive brand meet style alignment available.

Today things have obviously changed as the market suffers when style exclusivity takes place. Which I think is a good and bad thing. Good as I like brands take the next step in creating a style that’s inherently theirs while being inclusive, and bad due to identities, more often than not, being lost. This Sneaker Freak  Friday is about Airwalk’s latest edition to it women’s collection – The Riviera. Sounds vraiment chic, non?Airwalk_W_Rivera1

As each day gets hotter and hotter and the wind feels more like a heater than a cool breeze, there are certain things you just don’t want to do. Like wearing 5” heels as you walk 10 blocks to a meeting. And with The Riviera collection you have two very different, yet very versatile colorways of Gothic Rose Canvas and Navy Suede. Easy to slip-on, stuff in your tote, and ideal for the mean city streets to relaxing on the sandy beaches.

Available on along with dozens more styles for men and women.

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