IMG_2398-3“In partnering with The Blonds, Rootstein continues its legacy of embracing individuality that captures, reflects and communicates the brilliant transience of fashion at its most beautiful and thrilling. The figures wield a power of their own,” states a Rootstein representative.

Rootstein releases new collection of male and female mannequins based on the visage of fashion Phillipe Blond. In the 60 years that Rootstein has been the leaders in mannequin manufacturing, this is the first time both gender mannequins have been sculpted from the same individual.

Phillipe Blond, of the design duo The Blonds, (for those who were still scratching their heads) has joined the likes of many other immortalized iconic muses including Twiggy, Agyness Deyn, Pat Cleveland, Sayoko, Dianne Brill, Yasmin LeBon, Joan Collins, and Erin O’Connor.

12“The whole process is surreal and magical, like a dream. It is such an honor to join the ranks of so many inspiring icons that have been sculpted for mannequins by Rootstein,” Phillip adds, “Their heritage is groundbreaking and their craftsmanship is incomparable and I can’t wait to see what window dressers around the world will dress my mannequin in!”

In honor of such a momentous collaboration, a launch event will take place on September 9that 205 West 19th street in New York during New York Fashion Week. The event will also feature a retrospective of The Blonds most famous pieces worn by today’s adored celebrities such asRihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and many, many more.