It’s time to take you to warmer place in time, where the sun was kissing your skin and short sleeve maxi dresses were a closest staple – summer. New York has been deathly cold and there’s no other place I’d rather be than walking past the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg enjoying a tasty cone. Now that I think about it, I’d love to recreate that entire trip if possible. But because we can’t turn back time, yet, let me tell you a few places you must try when in Luxembourg next.

Da Lonati [Ristorante · Amici]
An Italian restaurant housed on the bottom floor of Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel in Clervaux, Luxembourg. Offering Italian cuisine, in an inviting and stylishly designed atmosphere. With splashes of greys, blacks and reds on seating, walls and accent pieces, the light fixtures acted as contemporary centerpieces that brought the look together. But the dishes were the true stars of the restaurant.

From seafood, pasta and sauces that will have you licking the plate, Da Lonati is like stepping into Italian kitchen. My favorite dish, Insalata Da Lonati. Overflowing with smoked salmon and grilled shrimp all on a salad bed, it was built to share. Plates are very large so make sure to take a friend(s) with you.


Directly across the way is the Brasserie of Hotel Koener, a restaurant offering French dishes of quiches and cordon bleu. Though well prepared and tasty, from what I’ve heard, I actually enjoyed the cappuccino in the green house style terrace. Ideal of those days you want to be with nature, but the weather unfortunately doesn’t permit sitting outside.

People watch as you sip a beverage of your choice, gorge on a few pastries or lounge in a bathrobe waiting for who knows what. (There actually was a man lounging in his bathrobe. I’m not sure why, but he looked comfortable.)


Pier29 at Hôtel l’Écluse
Imagine what it would be like to enjoy a meal, outside, surrounded by picturesque views of vineyards. Now imagine that the hotel the restaurant is completely an eco-friendly, sustainable environment that composes all dishes from regional products. That scenario is Pier29.

Housed in the Moselle region of Luxembourg, Pier29 offers regional and French dishes along with a great collection of wines. From lamb cuts drizzled in Provençale sauce alongside leeks and rice. Or cutlet of duck foie gras on a bed of polenta. Whatever the choice, you won’t go wrong.