This restaurant hotspot, satisfies less of your savory palette but touches every sweet tooth around. Lady M Confections has been the word of on the confectioner’s street since it first opened back in 2004. Strategically located on Upper East Side, well the first location at least, Lady M has turned European pastries into delicious cakes. From their Mille Crêpes Cake – layers of freshly made crêpes lined with pastry crème between each layer and brûlée on top – to the green tea éclair, it’s hard to decide which one to taste first. P.S. Tasting one isn’t an option… well it is, but you won’t be able to.


Now this is the thing about Lady M. The décor and service are just as important as the creations that are created fresh every day. Crisp white walls, matching seating and pastry casing allows for the color contrast of the treats to pop out and remain the focal point. Strawberry petals atop whipped cream frosting, raspberries swirled with vanilla and chocolate shavings dusted on mousse are so delicately and mathematically done, there isn’t a speck of any matter, on the serving tray. And do to its precision and exact recreation accuracy, this franchise has become a New York staple using only the freshest of ingredients including fine Japanese flour.


From being sold via Saks Fifth Avenue, to being the sweet treat of choice at Klara Beauty Lab, to being served at some of New York’s finest restaurants (I’m sure there are just as popular in LA and Singapore, but I can only speak for New York), it’s expanding more and more. And unlike many places of Lady M’s caliber, they haven’t comprised their quality ethics to reach larger audiences.