I feel like we’re always talking about some luxury brand dropping these thousand dollar pair of sneaks. Or some musician collaborating with another well-known brand to create a pair that sells out in minutes. Worse yet. When released to a store, people have to get a raffle ticket to see if they can even purchase the shoes. Yes. No joke. That shit is real. And for those who know my writing, I rarely, if ever cuss in my posts. But when I found, first-hand, I was flabbergasted. Because I see it like this. If I have the money at the time to purchase said shoe, and happen to be in the area to purchase said shoe, why wouldn’t you want to me to come in and purchase said shoe. Who actually deals with the raffle ticket process. This isn’t Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! I can’t. I mean…There’s obviously a reason to it, but still. Am I a sneaker freak? ::gives southern girl side-eye and purses lips:: No. But, I do like sneakers and will credit them as some of the most influential, bonding aspects of fashion today.

And after that long rant above, you get exactly why I love this shoe. (This shoe could sell out in second too, who knows to be honest.) Reebok’s newest for the fall is its Classic Leather “Oktoberfest” packs in honor of the 182nd Wiesn. Focusing on the most celebrated beer festival from Munich, this pack incorporates some meaningful Oktoberfest icons such as the pretzels, beer mugs and traditional Bavarian hats, or Tirolerhüte, to accent the seasonal hues that were chosen to showcase different aspects of the festival.

The Classic Leather “Oktoberfest” is $74.99 and is currently available at Reebok.com and other Reebok retailers including Finish Line, Shiekh Shoes, Urban Outfitters, Jack Threads, Shoe Palace, and Cool J’s.