American Express launches first ever U.S. based loyalty coalition, Plenti.

What does this mean? Basically, the next time you shop at one of their partner retailers like Rite Aid you can rack up points on your PLENTI card that can be used at another one of their partner retailers like AT&T or HULU or Macy’s or Rite Aid again, regardless of payment method. American Express just happens to be the genuises who thought to unroll this program first. (Yes, that was a burn every other card out there!) Also, American Express cardholders you are still able to receive your double points, and not have to choose which card gets the rewards. (Another burn to programs that are yet to figure this out.)

“How can I get a card?” you ask.  Well I was just about to get there so calm down.


There are a few ways. If you have a rewards card from any of the partnered retailer your PLENTI card will now replace that one. So, you can signup next time you are in Rite Aid or Mobil, or make it easy for all of us and do it online. Simply visit or download the Plenti mobile app. As a quick reminder, if you start the signup process at partnering retailers, you will need to finish signing up online ensuring you receive all featured offers and points. Featured offers like earning 200 points after buying at least 10 gallons of fuel in a single visit at a participating Exxon or Mobil branded service station or earning 1,000 points after spending $50 on eligible purchases in a single transaction at Rite Aid or Then just track your points online or via the mobile app. Easy peasy lemon squeezy… I know!

Because this is such a new program, there’s so much more that needs to be explored that we just don’t have the energy to tell you about. So visit them online, meet all their partners, and signup while you’re at it.