I’ve always said the sexiest thing about a man is his scent and ability to dress well. In a time where looks go further than talent, we’re lucky to have industry entrepreneurs like Kameron McCull to fill both shoes. Having been trained to look his best by his mother, since a child, Kam (yeah… we’re on that level!) understands the superficial and business side to fashion. A former Wall Street guy, this WWD Digital Advertising Director and I discussed his new accessories line, being compared to Scott Disick and his admiration of Tory Burch.


How did you get into fashion and working at WWD?

From a very young age, I was really into fashion. I grew up in New York City in the 80s during the graffiti era so you saw a lot celebrities with these big shiny jackets,and nice leather. And in Harlem there’s a guy called Dapper Dan who used to do all the custom stuff with Gucci, Fendi, the Louis bubble jackets, so it always drew me towards fashion.


And working at WWD?

It’s funny the way I got into WWD through a friend of mine. I started off working at GQ in advertising and operations. When I got to WWD, I came on through the advertising department as well but more so I was doing the ad campaigns, head up a lot of the projects, met lots of these designers like Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, to where I am now as Digital Advertising Director. So that just grew my passion even more.


So what do you think is the fashion faux-pas you see in New York amongst men and women?

Amongst men, it’s tough. With men it’s knowing what looks good on you. For instance with women they love fur and animal print, which is nice on certain people, but you need to know if it looks good on you. And it doesn’t have to do with shape; it just may not look good on you. As for men, the fitted slim European look isn’t for all guys. Not everybody has that slender, square cut body to wear those things. Or men trying to wear what the next rapper is wearing like the shiny bubble coat – I’m not a fan of that.


I was told you were the East Coast version of Scott Disick minus the vulgarity. How do you feel about that?

Well here’s the thing. Scott Disick is an extraordinary business man, and very good dresser. I think his character is more sensationalized than what he really is, because I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people who know him. Being compared to him is a little pet peeve of mine because I feel like I have my own style that defines me and if I modeled myself after anyone, it would be my father.


Ok… so I also hear you’re working on a tie collection?

Yes, it’s going to be ties, pocket squares and socks – an accessories line. We’re in the final stages of deciding on fabrics and the actual name of the brand, which will be happening within the coming weeks. We’re going to be showing to a few stylists that will be pulling for some celebrities – so you’ll be seeing the looks very soon, tentatively in January. It’s something I wanted to do for a while as accessories make the outfit.


What designer do you go to and know they’ll have what you’re looking for?

The obvious people like Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is like the Fashion God, to me, because it’s so simple yet it’s classic. So there’s always a need for it. Every season, you go see what’s in the Ralph Lauren collection whether it’s Black Label, Purple Label or just regular Ralph Lauren. I love the detailed work Karl Lagerfeld does. He’s so in tuned with his line. And a woman that I admire greatly is Tory Burch and it’s not necessarily for her line, though I think her line is very nice. I admire her hustle and what she’s done in the fashion industry in the last 4 years has been remarkable. From the business aspects of it, she’s crushing it. And the fact she was able to separate herself with what she had with her husband and still have the brand flourish the way it is, she’s very hands on and always on the cutting edge of technology – it’s inspirational.

Now is WWD going to be something that takes the back seat to your brand, or is it something you’ll be juggling.

I’ll be juggling. I feel like sleep will probably take a backseat to everything, because you have your 9 to 5 then you have your 5 – 9. In this case it will be 5 to whenever, but I mean as I’m so passionate about this, I don’t feel like it’s work. I’ll be doing it around the clock regardless, so I know I’ll give it equal attention that I give my job. Then, Lord willing, if it takes off, WWD will take a backseat.