English sensation Daniela Brooker has been singing and songwriting since the age of 12. Half Venezuelan and half English, she portrays the innate beauty of most Latina bombshells, the English accent we all swoon over and a sultry voice that artists would kill for. Recently, I chatted with 19-year-old Daniela about being young in the industry, her musical inspirations and her “bi-polar” fashion style. Plus, as a special treat, Daniela serenaded us with her latest single “Heartbreaker” available now on iTunes.

So how did you get started in music?

I’ve just always been interested in performing and everything. At the age of 12 I started writing songs and started annoying a lot of local producers like, “Please record my song. Please record my song.” Finally someone let me record a song and one thing led to the next. I was so excited because I got to hang out in studio a lot and met a lot of different producers. Everything sort of progressed from there.

You’re half Venezuelan and half English. How does that alter your views on music?

I mean, I was born in England. I’ve lived in London my whole life. So obviously that is the main culture I’ve lived in but I go back, every year, to Venezuela. My mum’s Venezuelan, so we have a Venezuelan household. The style of my music is not Latin, but I do sing some of my songs in Spanish. And I definitely think Latin music always has a good energy and I definitely try to incorporate it, as many of my songs are high energy.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s so many different styles. It’s a pop album, but I would say it’s got elements of soul and Americana music.

So then what’s the inspiration?

Usually, it’s something that’s happened to me. When I was younger I would make stuff up because you haven’t really lived so I’d write about what I think life is like. Now I’m older and you go through things – relationships, etc. I always like to write something that I feel but if I don’t have any ideas, if life’s boring,  I take my friend’s ideas. I’m like, “Tell me! Tell me!”

What musicians inspire you or would you like to emulate?

It depends. Like live performances I like people like Prince, Michael Jackson – you know, the people who really put on a show. But musically, I like acts like Fleetwood Mac and No Doubt. So it depends really. There so many.

I don’t want to compare you to Justin Bieber by any means, but he’s young. He became really famous practically overnight and in a way it seems to have gone to his head and publicly seems to live a destructive lifestyle. But Adele, who’s also young, seems to be nothing like that. Her art is her music. You are so young. Do you think that it hurts or helps your career?

I always think it depends on the sort of person you are. Obviously, some people can handle it more than others. But I don’t know, like, it definitely helps in this industry because everything takes so long. I always say it takes years to become and overnight success. So I’m definitely in that process of wanting to really pick. So age is a plus because I’ve still got so much time and I know acts that are older with agents telling them you’re getting a bit old. But you’ve also got so much more to prove because you are young; people sometimes don’t take you as seriously if you’re a few years older.


Describe your fashion style.

You know what; I have the most bi-polar fashion style. Today I’m wearing a big and black nails, and sometimes I’m feeling summery and dress all girly. I think my style would be glamorous with a bit of rock n’ roll.

Tell us five items you can’t live without.

Hair curlers. My phone… I’m addicted. My laptop. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac. I have to have that always, at all times.  When I do shows, I have a glittery microphone that has my name on it. It’s the one thing when I’m traveling I always have.

Do you have it here with you?

I actually didn’t bring it to the states, because I was told not to. (laughs). It’s wireless so may not work in America, but it works back home.

If we were to look on your iPod right now, what would be the five most played songs?

There’s a song by Ed Sheeran called UNI. I love that song at the moment.  Probably Dreams byFleetwood Mac. One from Beyonce’s new album. I don’t know because I love that whole album. And Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit and Tie.”

Your favorite city to visit.

Can I choose two? (laughs) It’s probably between Los Angeles and Barcelona.

It’s 10am on Saturday and you have two days off, what are you doing?

10 am on a Saturday and two days off…Definitely have my friend over. When I have days off they all pile over to my house and going out for food. People are like, “What is up with you Daniella, you’re always going out to eat.” Then we’ll probably go out in the evening and mess about. Then have dinner again, then go out. (laughs).

So what have you been doing in New York? Sightseeing, going out to clubs…

Well, I’m not 21, so I can’t actually go out here.  Plus we’ve been here for two whole days and I’ve been working the entire time. So I haven’t seen much, but I was taking pictures by the red stairs in Times Square earlier this morning. I’ve been here before so I got to see all the sites.