Over the course of nearly two years, I’ve been following a particular beauty brand more closely that new agers follow their horoscopes down to every word. Omorovicza, a luxury skincare line from Budapest, initially started selling product online, before entering store counters. Now, they’ve recently launched their Blue Diamond Collection exclusively available at Harrods. Yes… that Harrods!

Different than their past launches, Blue Diamond awakens and brightens the skin from within. Using restorative diamond peptides and copper amino-acid compounds, its result of flawless radiance and increased collagen reproduction for firmer skin will be seen after each use. Not just on “good skin days” as the Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivery system ensures ingredients penetrates deep into the skin.

“The impetus for the Blue Diamond Collection came from conversations with the Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning dermatology laboratory with which we work, on the theme of energising fibroblasts for self-awakening skin. We selected new, exciting active ingredients, harnessing the benefits of diamond and copper to awake and illuminate tired skin from within,” explainedOmorovicza founders Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich.

Currently housing three formulas – Blue Diamond Concentrate, Blue Diamond Super-Cream and Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel – the collection was constructed to work together as a unit, or separately providing ultimate results.

Omorovicza Blue Diamond Collection will hit Harrods starting summer 2014.