If you could describe the city you reside in with one word, what would it be? I’m sure descriptions come to mind.

Well New York based brand Commune and Memoir took this idea and created t-shirts that tell the story of New York City in 8 different words: Galvanic, Spectral, Idyllic, Abrasive, Pervasive, Inexhaustible, Fervent, and Elusive. Through these words people can create their own memories, dialogues, or interpretations of what New York truly is comprised of. These eight words came from a vast “word collection” that the Commune and Memoir team have been taking note of for years growing from conversations, street encounters, radio shows, and fascinating readings from Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Auster, Octavio Paz, and Julio Cortázar.

T-shirts are made in Lima, Peru by a company devoted to producing and exporting the highest quality organic and regular cotton garments, ensuring safe work conditions and wage rights, and environmentally friendly facilities. Suppliers provide the highest quality Peruvian pima cotton (gossypium barbadense), which is considered the world’s best pima. So at least you can rest easy knowing it was made fairly. P.S. For all of those who were unaware, PIMA cotton is the best cotton in the WORLD. Just remember that when you go shopping next time and someone tries to fool you. Seriously, it is.

Available in six style variations, Commune and Memoir can be purchased online.

Oh yeah, my word for New York… Restless – offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion.