Nothing dampens my summer spirits more than un-tamable curls and sun damaged hair. There are so many products on the shelves that promise one thing, with results that only last for a day, maybe two. So this summer, I spent my days trying product after product, in search of what my hair’s looking for – curls that don’t turn into frizzballs once I step outside and a treatment that prevents hair breakage.

For curls that last, AG Hair – Beach Bomb is the product for you. A small amount goes a long way and because it contains no salt, it won’t leave your hair feeling heavy, sticky or “crispy” like others do. The best part for me was that my roommate started using Beach Bomb when she saw the difference it made to my hair.db_file_img_2612_420x420

Currently available in salons across America for $22.


After long days of the sun beating down on you, your hair winds up feeling dry and damaged. Washing it with ordinary shampoo never does the trick for me, but Carol’s Daughters – Monoi Repairing Collection left my hair feeling and looking as though I just had a salon deep conditioning treatment. Its 3 step process takes roughly 20 minutes, but isn’t necessary every week (for those who are time conscious). This collection prevents breakage by 96% and is infused with Monoi Oil, known to heal and protect against the harshest conditions.

Currently available at and in Sephora stores for $18 – $29.